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AB Cleancare


We are AB Cleancare. We provide antibacterial cleaning and antiviral disinfection services for residential and commercial properties and businesses. We offer a level of cleaning that is beyond the accepted norms, and try to promote a more rigorous and advanced level of hygiene and thinking that we feel is sorely lacking in todays world, as the current Coronavirus epidemic has sadly demonstrated.


We use NHS approved antibacterial and anti-static cleaning products to clean telephones and head sets, computers and workstations, common use items such as door handles and hand-rails and office printer / scanners. We use ULV foggers with antiviral disinfectants to disinfect and deep clean your home, place of work and vehicles. All the cleaning products we use are the best available and are tested and proven.


AB Cleancare specialise in antibacterial cleaning to provide safe working environments for all and allay employer, employee and third party concerns about hygiene and infection. A clean and tidy working environment provides comfort, stability and boosts productivity and morale. Desks, common use items such as light switches and door knobs provide the perfect host for bacteria and viruses to flourish, maintaining a strict cleaning schedule is essential to ensuring employees and third parties are positive and healthy. We use only the very best antibacterial and antimicrobial cleaning products and ULV foggers using BS EN 14476 compliant antiviral disinfectants which are used by the NHS and are effective against swine flu H1N1, MRSA and 99.999% of germs, whilst also safe and non-toxic to use in any environment such as food preparation.


We offer a free quotation service and also advise on and sell various antibacterial and anti-static cleaning products too. We have public and employer liability insurance cover and all our staff are DBS checked. We operate in the evenings and weekends so there is little or no disruption to your operations.




We offer a fully managed services meaning our clients can focus on their business and we can focus on ours. Our operations team conduct frequent on-site inspections to ensure standards are kept high. 

At AB Cleancare our ethos is one of a commitment to continuous improvement and our staff are driven to provide a first class customer experience. We continually review new, improved and sustainable methods of working, including on-going investments in the latest technologies.



You need to maintain a healthy and profitable business, so get in touch today and see how we can help you.

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